Photo 18 Sep lol from Code Lyoko ssn 1 ep 1 Teddygodzilla 

lol from Code Lyoko ssn 1 ep 1 Teddygodzilla 

Video 12 Jul

The Davincibles, Big Thumbs Up

Video 8 Jul

Watch the trailer for Disney’s Teen Beach Movie coming next Friday July 19!

Video 28 Jun

Davincibles, A Petrifying Look

Video 24 Jun

Strawberry Shortcake, Beautiful You

Video 24 Jun

Nutriventures, Tough to Crack

Video 19 Jun

Street Football “Shadow Enemies”

Video 17 Jun 2 notes

The Meeps is a new musical TV kid’s project Created and Executive Produced by Simon Fuller. The Meeps features an ensemble cast of CGI characters in 3D, each with a unique, off-beat and kooky personality performing the classic tune ‘Do Wah Diddy Diddy.’ 

Created and Executive produced by Simon Fuller and XIX Entertainment, The Meeps is produced by Moonscoop LLC.

Watch the full Meeps video premiering June 19, 2013 on Kabillion On Demand.

Video 13 Jun 11 notes

Lin Chung, Parrot King and Camel King discover the whereabouts of a magical treasure which has the power to turn humans into animals. Unfortunately, the Sparky Brothers have also discovered the treasure and informed Highroller, who enlists the help of the Chameleon Queen in a full-scale battle against Big Green to gain control of the gem.

Big Green and Highroller’s Chameleon forces continue to battle over a magical treasure. When it’s captured and swallowed by Chameleon Queen for safe keeping, First Squad is forced to enter the Queen’s mouth and search for the diamonds, doing battle with Highroller throughout. Ultimately, control of the treasure comes down to the winner of an art contest between Highroller and Lin Chung.

Video 11 Jun 2 notes

The Manor is not in its normal state: the Living Stone is giving ludicrous responses, the Manor’s rooms transform without warning, and a mummy is roaming the halls—all while Isabella and Manitou are away!

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